college student receiving personal loan


Personal Loans

A Personal Loan may be needed for an unexpected emergency, a dream vacation or anything in between. Borrow from $1,000 (minimum) up to $5,000 (maximum). The loan rate is fixed, so your monthly payment is always the same. Authorize us to deduct your monthly payment directly from your UniBank Checking or Statement Savings Account and save an additional .25% off the quoted rate!

Private Line/Overdraft Protection

Forget about the embarrassment of bouncing a check or paying overdraft charges! You can you establish a Line-of-Credit, subject to credit approval that you may draw upon at any time; just write a check against your UniBank Checking Account. Funds are advanced for the overdrawn amount. There is no annual fee , if approved. Repayment is monthly, with a minimum payment of 2.05% of the outstanding balance. The Annual Percentage Rate is variable at Prime plus 6%.