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Massachusetts Mortgage Rates

UniBank has the Right Loan. Right terms. Right for You.


Are you interested in a home refinance or applying for a mortgage loan with a bank in Massachusetts?

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, looking to refinance, building a new house, buying or refinancing an investment property or interested in purchasing a vacation home, UniBank has a unique home mortgage solution for you.

MassHousing Program

UniBank is proud to offer MassHousing affordable mortgage loans (including refinancing) to borrowers looking to buy a home in Massachusetts. Our mortgage specialists are here to help guide you through the process. Connect with a UniBank mortgage lender to see if you qualify and to get started. 

Fixed Rate Mortgage

A fixed rate mortgage gets you the same monthly payment over the life of your mortgage. You can tailor your decision to either reduce up-front costs or to make lower monthly payments and you can choose the term that is right for you and fits best with your financial goals.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

The main benefit of UniBank’s Adjustable Rate Mortgages is that the initial rate is usually lower than that of a Fixed Rate Mortgage. With an ARM, the resulting initial lower principal and interest payments over a fixed rate loan may better meet your current financial and homeowner needs. Annual and lifetime rate caps and the frequency of adjustments to your payments may vary with different ARM products

First-Time Home Buyer Mortgage (ARM)

UniBank understands that buying your first home is a major step and that’s why we go to extra lengths to help you make it happen. 

  • Lower starting Annual Percentage Rate
  • Payments are fixed for seven years (subsequent payments may increase)
  • No points and reduced closing costs.

Construction Loan

We’ll take you from start to finish if you’re building a new home or embarking on a renovation project. During construction you pay only the interest on the outstanding balance with a Fixed Rate. Once the project is complete, the loan converts to a traditional Adjustable Rate Mortgage or Fixed Rate Mortgage.


*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) assumes the purpose of the loan is to purchase a property, a credit score of 780 for owner-occupied single- family primary residence and loan amount of $250,000,00 with a property value of $333,334.00 (assumes 25% down-payment). Down-payments of less than 20% require mortgage insurance. Rates and fees are subject to change at any time. Property type, transaction type and purpose, fees, points, credit score, and LTV can impact the APR and monthly payment schedule. Homeowners/ Property Insurance is required. Flood insurance where required. Mortgages are subject to Approval. Other terms, restrictions and conditions and fees may apply. A security interest in your property is required. The APR will vary based on your final loan amount and finance charges. An escrow account may be required.
1 Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) – Rate may increase after consummation. ARM loans have a variable rate feature. UniBank offers 5, 7 and 10 year Adjustable Rate Mortgages with fixed initial periods of 60, 84 and 120 months respectively. After the initial fixed interest period the rate will adjust annually to the current index (US Government 1 Year Treasury Constant Maturities Weekly Average as published by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System) plus a margin of 2.875% rounded to the nearest 0.125%.
At each annual adjustment the rate will not increase or decrease by more than 2%. Maximum interest rate is the initial rate plus 6.000%. Minimum interest rate is the index rate plus the margin of 2.875%.
Monthly payment examples are available for each annual percentage rate. These do not include items other than principal and interest. These are examples only and your monthly payments may be higher.
**No Closing Cost Loans borrower is responsible for pre-paid interest, taxes & insurance and optional services/fees such as owner’s title insurance. Minimum loan amount of $100,000 and maximum loan amount not to exceed Freddie Mac Super Conforming Loan Limits.
*** Jumbo Loan Amount exceeding Freddie Mac Super Conforming Loan Limits, APR & Cost per thousand based on loan amount of $776,250.00.

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