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UniBank provides several types of mortgage loan products, serving residents and businesses of the Blackstone Valley and the greater reach of Central Massachusetts.

UniBank's NMLS registration number is 583135. Please click here for a list of our Mortgage Loan Originators and their registration numbers.


Fixed Rate Home Mortgage Loan

A fixed rate home mortgage is very popular among people who want stability in their budget planning. With a UniBank Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan you will have the same monthly payment over the life of your mortgage. There are a variety of options available to you, tailored to your decision either to reduce up-front costs or to make lower monthly mortgage payments. Choose the term that is right for you and fits best with your financial goals. Also, there are low down payment options available. Many customers may choose to refinance with a Fixed Rate Home Mortgage to secure a more favorable interest rate.


Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

The major benefit of an adjustable rate mortgage loan is that the initial rate is usually lower than that of a Fixed Rate Mortgage. The resulting lower principal and interest payments may allow for the purchase of a more expensive home. Annual and lifetime rate caps and the frequency of adjustments to your payments may vary with different home mortgage products. This is an excellent mortgage loan if you are planning on buying your home and living in it for a short period of time or if you feel rates may be lower in the near future. The ARM may be offered with or without points. Additionally, some ARMs may be offered with a fixed rate conversion option prior to the fifty-ninth payment with no fees and no additional closing costs (some restrictions do apply). A variety of terms are available, so you can pick the one that suits your needs. Low down payment options are also available. The Annual Percentage Rate is subject to change over the life of the loan.


First Time Home Buyer Mortgage

UniBank understands that buying your first home is a major step. That is why we go to extra lengths to help you make it happen. For example, our First Time Home Buyer Mortgage has a lower starting Annual Percentage Rate, which allows you to buy more home with less money! Your payments are fixed for seven years, so you can depend on stability in your budget while you furnish and get settled. Then, the Annual Percentage Rate may change annually, permitting you to take advantage of changes in mortgage market rates. Also, this mortgage has no points and reduced closing costs. If you are thinking of buying your first home, this may be the mortgage for you!