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Mobile Banking Security

Banking via Mobile Web Browser uses the same security infrastructure as UniBank’s Online Banking including:

  • HTTPS encryption with 128-bit AES public key encryption certificates for all traffic between the mobile device and the Internet and Mobile Banking servers.
  • Connection is through secured-socket layer (SSL).
  • No data or application pages are stored on the mobile device with each page being retrieved on-demand.
  • Authentication is session-based using a Mobile Login and Mobile PIN that are the same used for Online Banking to authenticate the user for the duration of their browsing session.

Banking via Text/SMS is secured via:

  • Each text, or SMS request, authenticates separately by checking that the mobile number of the device used to send the request corresponds to the device number registered for the user initiating the transaction.

* Account values used by text commands are the account nickname used within online banking or a masked (secured) account number—they do not contain any un-secured account numbers.

For your security, we recommend you:

  • Never send actual account numbers or other sensitive information via text message or email
  • Delete all text messages from your mobile phone after viewing
  • Keep your mobile device’s operating system up-to-date*
  • Install anti-malware software for Internet browsing on your mobile device*
  • Click on the LOGOUT button after each Mobile Web Browser Banking session
  • Use the mobile device’s Passcode/Password Screen Lock functionality, if available.
  • Setup email alerts in Online Banking to monitor account balances
  • Do not use Mobile Banking or Online Banking via public Wi-Fi networks

* If using a smartphone, install an app that wipes your data remotely in case the device is lost or stolen. Do not allow your mobile device to remember login credentials.

For assistance, please contact the merchant where you purchased the mobile device or your mobile carrier.

UniBank does not charge for using our Mobile Banking service. Your mobile phone carrier may charge for text messages, data transfer fees, and/or Web access. Check your wireless plan for details.