Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is accepted at most merchants that accept swipe or tap payments, making transactions easy and more secure.

You can easily make payments at participating merchants with virtual cards using your Samsung phone.

It's simple...

1. Download Samsung Pay, available free on Google Play™
2. Follow these simple steps to pay:

  • Swipe up from the home button or select the Samsung Pay app icon from your home screen or app tray.
  • Authorize payments by simply scanning your fingerprint or entering your PIN.
  • Hover your phone over the in-store card reader.

Use Samsung Pay to pay at almost all your favorite merchants. Samsung Pay uses radio wave technology that works with most newer and older card readers. It even works with magnetic stripe readers.


Your debit card information is safe in Samsung Pay. Instead of using your physical card's real number, Samsung Pay uses a different, device specific number. Then, when you authenticate to make a purchase, a secure code (valid for only that purchase) is dynamically generated and added on.

Your real card information stays secure, and your payment information stays protected. With built in Samsung Knox technology, if your phone is ever lost or stolen, your card information stays safe. Plus, you can always deactivate your Samsung Pay remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Samsung Pay is free to setup and free to use. If you don't already have an eligible UniBank Visa Debit Card associated with your UniBank checking account, you can contact us today at 800-578-4270.  To open a new checking account, you can apply online or visit any UniBank branch.

See Samsung site for a complete list of supported devices. Samsung Pay and the Samsung logo are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Google Play is a trademark of Google, Inc.