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Small Business Banking

For small business banking in MA, you can count on UniBank. We offer the small business banking solutions you need to keep your business running smoothly.


UniBank offers two versatile and easy-to-manage business checking accounts. Both offer real time online access through our online Cash Management System. Choose the account that is right for you based on your type of business and the number of checks you write each month.

Free Small Business Checking

Perfect for small businesses, this account has no monthly fee and allows you to write up to 50 checks per month for free. There is a small per check fee for checks written in excess of 50 each month. Other fees apply based on certain activity. Please consult our fee schedule for details. 

Business Checking

One of our most popular small business banking services, UniBank’s Business Checking Account is right for businesses that require unlimited check writing privileges. Monthly and activity fees apply. Monthly fees are offset by earnings credits based on the average daily account balance maintained. Depending on your cash management needs, sweep accounts, consolidated statements, return of your imaged checks, and a variety of other services are available. Please ask one of our experienced professionals for details.

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With a Business Savings Account you will earn interest on your balances – plus have instant access to your money. You can make deposits and withdrawals whenever you choose, and receive a monthly statement of all of your account activity.

Business Money Market Account

A Business Tiered Money Market Account pays you a high rate of interest, plus allows you to write a limited number of checks each month. You can also make deposits and withdrawals as often as you like by visiting the bank. Our tiered rate account rewards you for the balances you maintain.

Certificates of Deposit

A Certificate of Deposit is ideal if you can invest your business funds for a longer period of time. A CD can protect the safety of your funds, plus pay a guaranteed rate of return for the length of your investment.

UniStep CDs

The UniStep is a special CD that gives you the option to step up to a higher rate once during the life of the account. Several term options are available.