business banking in massachusetts


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Commercial Banking

For commercial banking in Massachusetts, look no further than UniBank. We offer a number of commercial account types in addition to offering loans and other services.

Business Checking

UniBank's Business Checking Account is right for businesses that require unlimited check writing privileges. Monthly and activity fees apply.

Monthly fees are offset by earnings credits based on the average daily account balance maintained. Depending on your business’s cash management needs, sweep accounts; consolidated statements; return of your imaged checks; and a variety of other commercial banking services are available. Please contact one of our experienced professionals for details.

Some advantages to opening a business checking account through UniBank in Massachusetts include:

  • Sweep accounts for managing your excess cash flow into an interest-bearing account
  • Earnings credits so your balances reduce your monthly fees 

Commercial Money Market Account

If your business has very limited check writing needs, and you wish to earn interest on unused balances, this is the perfect account for your company. With a balance of just $2,500 or more, you will earn interest at current High Yield Savings rates with a tiered rate structure. The more you keep in your commercial account, the higher your interest rate will be! Another plus – your funds are always liquid. In addition, you may make unlimited withdrawals in person at any UniBank office or ATM.

Certificates of Deposit

These high-yielding certificates give you the flexibility of selecting the maturity date you prefer. The longer the term you select, the higher the yield. Choose from a wide range of terms, all with very competitive interest rates. On CDs with terms of a year or more, interest is compounded continuously. Your earnings may be transferred to another UniBank account without penalties or mailed to you monthly.

UniStep CDs

The UniStep is a special CD that gives you the option to step up to a higher rate once during the life of the account. Several term options are available.

Commercial Online Banking

You want the best return on your deposits while making the most efficient use of your cash. With a wide variety of sweep accounts, certificates of deposit and tiered-rate money market accounts, and 24/7 electronic access to real-time balances on all of your deposit and loan accounts at UniBank, we can customize the perfect relationship to manage your money. Click to learn more about online business banking with UniBank.