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Digital Lock

You Can Prevent Fraud

The unfortunate fact is financial fraud, either through elaborate data breaches or simple mishandling of information, has become a daily occurrence. At UniBank we take your business very seriously and have invested in state-of-the-art controls to reduce the threat of fraud occurring on your accounts, but we cannot do this alone. You are the frontline defense in the battle against those who want access to your accounts. You might ask yourself, “What can I do that UniBank cannot?” The answer is more than you know.

Here are three basic tips for protecting yourself from account fraud:

  1. Review your statements in a timely manner. Your statement provides all the activity on your account for the previous month. This is one of your opportunities to find, report, and hopefully prevent unauthorized transactions performed on your account. If caught in time, you stand a much greater chance of stopping the fraud and getting your money back.
  2. If you use online banking enable alerts on your account to notify you when certain transactions occur. Most of these alerts can be customized to your specific preference. Account alerts can let you know in real-time if an unauthorized transaction has occurred. These alerts can be sent to a mobile phone as a text or to an e-mail account. Some alerts to consider enabling are:
    1. Any account activity
    2. Transactions over a certain amount
    3. Current balance below a certain amount
  3. Manage your digital identity and devices like you would your wallet. You wouldn’t give someone your wallet if they asked you. The same principle applies to your user IDs, passwords, PINs, computers, and phones. Do not share your user IDs or passwords as they can be used to impersonate you. Try to use long, unique, but memorable passwords. Do not reuse financial account passwords for other sites like e-mail, social media, or online shopping. If you receive an e-mail or a phone call from someone looking to access one of your devices hang up the phone or delete the e-mail. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others are not going to call you so they can access your computer, this includes UniBank.
At UniBank we are community focused. We want to help all our customers to succeed and be safe from fraud. If you have any questions, please reach out to us by phone 800.578.4270 or e-mail at