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150 Years of Service

John C. Whitin
On June 3, 2020, UniBank celebrates the bank's 150th “birthday.”

We have a storied legacy – one that reflects what we have done and who we are. We began at the height of the Industrial Revolution in the 1870s. The Blackstone Valley led the charge in innovation, technological improvements, and balancing a community that was both agrarian and industrial. It was an exciting time for the communities of Uxbridge, Northbridge and our region. Our Founders, John C. Whitin, and Moses Taft envisioned a future not yet created. They envisioned a future that involved growing business and growing jobs in the community, yet they had something greater in mind. There was business to be done, but their focus was clearly on the communities in which they lived and ultimately served. They were responsible for much of the infrastructure of the towns 
Moses Taft
– building roads, damns, town buildings – their commitment to serve the community laid the groundwork for the communal sense of family and mutual support that has been a hallmark of the Blackstone Valley for subsequent years.
Both John C. Whitin and Moses Taft understood the need for a bank, in order that, not only business but the community to thrive. What was pivotal in their decision was their mindset, not to establish stock banks – but mutual & community banks. Banks that did not exist to serve and benefit a few (themselves and stockholders), but banks that existed solely to serve the greater good in the community. It is that transcendent nature of our mission that we celebrate today and call on as we envision the future.

While we celebrate and recognize the work and accomplishments of our past – it is those quintessential elements of who we are that we draw inspiration for our own efforts and mission ahead – elements of hard work, ethics, values, 
commitment and service to others, a resiliency in the face of adversity, humility in our success, and vision of what we are called to do and be, so that our community (Blackstone Valley, Greater Worcester/MetroWest), not only survives and sustains itself, but continues to flourish and thrive for the betterment of all.

At some point this coming year, we will gather together, once our present realties allow. We will celebrate that we are co-heirs of a great legacy and chart our course as co-creators of a future not yet realized. Thank you for all you do and for who you are!

Happy Birthday UniBank!
UniBank Leadership Team
UniBank's Leadership Team: Christopher Foley, President,
Justine DeNorscia, Executive Vice President, and Michael Welch, CEO.