SCAM ALERT: Text Message Phishing

Posted: 09/28/2016

It has come to our attention that some UniBank customers have received text messages informing them that their debit cards have been blocked. In the message, these customers are being instructed to call a provided 800 telephone number and enter their debit card information or verify transactions. This is a scam. UniBank would NEVER ask you to provide us with your card information, we already have that information.

If you receive a text message that appears to be from us and you are unsure of the validity of the message, do not call the phone number or provide your debit card information or any private information. If you have already responded to a message of this nature, please contact us at 800-578-4270 immediately so we can help you protect your account and your identity. In some instances, you may receive a text message from our Enhanced Fraud Prevention Service, however, this alert system will NEVER ask you to provide your card information. These legitimate text alerts will come from the number 32874. For more details about this service, click here.