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Mortgage Loan Originators

Mortgage Loan Originators

UniBank's Mortgage Loan Originators and their registration numbers:

Name, NMLS#
UniBank, 583135
Jordan Al-Muhtaseb, 2505331
Kleodor Asllani, 2365604
Jeffrey Bajema, 688943
Karen Beane, 485228
Richard Bergin, 2190780
Dipalkumari Bhatia, 2359341
Wendy Brown, 688949
Dwyane Camper, 1842297
Matthew Catalano, 1044146
Bo Daley, 1067692
Edmund Demeo Jr., 688944
Veronique Dolce-Pierre, 1842512
Kelly Dresser, 1491387
John Dudley, 1231395
Beth Gilmore-Caico, 414859
Carolyn Grider, 2251499
Pedro Hernandez, 963930
Willem Hunkeler, 2190026
Jeffrey Colin Kosinski, 1690154
Desiree Lacroix, 2359349
Terry Lorance, 1051670
Elvis Lulo, 2580368
Scott McLaughlin, 2580367
Tania Medina, 705602
Maleda Melisie, 1800058
Marcia Metcalf, 937862
Kenneth Mudzingwa, 458960
Nicholas O'Donnell, 1679769
Brenda Oliveira, 968883
Anjali Paranjape, 930661
Margaret Pottle, 688945
Yessica Rivas, 2359344
Stephanie Robertson, 688946
Leticia Romero, 2580457
Sean Rogers, 688947
Lucas Stevens, 2571434
Kristen Stewart, 1812864
Michael Sulham, 688959
Kristen Tankis, 944361
Ashley Tuttle, 899337
Justin Varteresian, 2449505
Stephen Venezia, 2449501
Joseph Vettese, 1647556
Scott Visbeek, 2275344
James Watson, 1804538 
Leah Wight, 1416647
Karen Yacino, 688961

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