Savings and Money Market Accounts

Open a money market or savings account in Massachusetts with UniBank. We have a number of savings account options and will be happy to help find the best one for you.

Your Savings Headquarters         

We all know how important saving is. We save for any number of things – a house, college tuition, retirement, a wedding, a vacation, or an unexpected emergency. Your savings goal may be large or small, short or long term, but whatever your goals, UniBank has a plan to get you there – safely, securely, and with great interest rates.

Statement Savings Accounts

With a Statement Savings Account, an easy-to-read monthly statement keeps track of your interest and account activity. You earn variable interest and there is no service charge if you maintain a low minimum balance. Also, at your request, a combined statement will show all of your savings and checking activity on one monthly record. Another plus – with a UniBank ATM Card, you can access the funds in your Statement Savings Account day or night at thousands of ATM locations, not just here in MA, but around the US and the world. You can also transfer funds to your checking account as needed at your convenience. Our direct deposit option gives you an easy way to watch your balances grow. Ask any UniBank Customer Service Representative about having a portion of your paycheck or regular dividends deposited electronically into your savings account. Also, if you receive government recurring payments, ask about our special savings programs.

Student Statement Savings Accounts

High school and college students need the freedom to bank anywhere, and our Student Statement Savings accounts deliver the perfect solution. This account offers no minimum balance requirement or monthly fees and can be linked to the your checking account with Automatic Transfer Protection (ATP) to avoid that occasional overdraft "oops." All of this is offered with the convenience of free Online Banking and Phone Banking while earning a competitive interest rate.

Holiday Clubs

Holiday Clubs are an old-time favorite. Why get over-burdened with holiday bills and credit card balances when you can save for purchases in advance? Just open an account and let us know how much you wish to deposit on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Saving becomes easy and automatic. You will earn a good rate of return and save on interest after the holidays. 

Money Market Accounts

Looking for high interest and easy access? Then UniBank's Money Market Account is the one for you. You may make an unlimited number of deposits or withdrawals at any Massachusetts UniBank office or ATM (withdrawals also available at other ATMs). However, the total number of preauthorized, automatic, UniBanking By Phone or UniBanking Online transfers or withdrawals may not exceed six (6) from your Money Market account to another of your accounts – or to a third party – per statement cycle.

Start your new UniBank savings plan today, or add to your existing savings. You will be glad you did!