Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of deposit (CDs) are high-yielding certificates that give you the flexibility of selecting the maturity date you prefer. The longer the term you select, the higher the yield. Choose from a wide range of CD terms, all with very competitive interest rates. When you open a CD with terms of a year or more, interest is compounded continuously.

Earnings from your certificate of deposit may be mailed to you monthly or transferred to another UniBank account without penalties. 

UniStep CDs

Do you want to open a CD account, but are unsure of which rate to choose? Massachusetts-based UniBank has the perfect solution: the UniStep CD is a special CD that gives you the option to step-up to a higher rate once during the life of the account. Several term options are available.

For more information, please visit a branch in person or call 1-800-578-4270 to speak with one of our customer service representatives.