Cost of Services
The UniBank ATM and VISA Debit
Card have no annual fee.

Instructions for Use
When you receive your card in the mail, simply follow the instructions on the card for activation using the PIN number you selected when you authorized electronic access.

SUM Member Program

Sum Selective Surcharge Program

UniBank Is A Member Of The “SUM”
Selective Surcharge Program

UniBank Cardholders Can Access Pool of Surcharge-Free ATMs

UniBank is a member of SUM, a selective surcharging program administered by the NYCE Network. As a SUM Program Member, UniBank joins forces with other financial institutions who agree to pool designated automated teller machines (ATMs) and allow other program members' customers to use them surcharge-free. Surcharges are convenience fees that some financial institutions charge non-customers for ATM use. Please note, depending on your UniBank account, you may still incur a foreign ATM service charge from UniBank when using non-UniBank ATMs. The benefit of being a member of the SUM Program means that UniBank customers will not be surcharged by the SUM member bank when using their ATM. Please refer to our Schedule of Service Fees for more information. SUM ATMs are located in the United States and Puerto Rico. There are nearly 2,800 ATMs participating in the SUM Program currently. The SUM name and service mark logo were developed to help consumers readily identify participating ATMs. Consumers can also obtain information about participating SUM financial institutions and designated ATM locations by visiting the SUM web site at