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Report an issue: UniBank Report Phishing Abuse – This will send an email to UniBank for further investigation of any suspicious phishing scams.

With millions of dollars invested in brand development, companies can ill afford to stand by when those brands come under attack. Yet brands face a rapidly growing number of online threats which severely undermine marketing investments, putting brand reputation, customer trust, and revenue at risk.

The tactics are diverse and widespread, often beginning when probable fraudsters use trademarks in deceitful paid search ads, URLs, misleading websites and spam email, in order to divert traffic to competing or even illicit sites. Pay-per-click scams as well as Black Hat SEO tactics enable likely fraudsters to claim affiliation where none exists, link legitimate brands with undesirable content, or steer consumers to sales of potentially unauthorized or counterfeit goods.

These online exploits can undo months or years of investment in a brand, quickly taking marketing ROI into negative territory, siphoning billions in revenues and raising warranty, service, and other costs to legitimate brand owners. Worst of all, left unchecked, online brand attacks can permanently tarnish a brand’s integrity.

Fortunately, online brand abuse—which is enabled by technology—can also be driven back with technology. To protect their invaluable brand investments from these growing threats, global enterprises must take a holistic approach, pursuing multiple, integrated strategies to prevent threats from being launched, detecting them quickly when they do arise, and responding with force to effectively limit damage and discourage future attacks. UniBank is moving forward and ahead of the industry standards for preventing online fraud.

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