Our bank, officially known as UniBank for Savings, is the result of a merger between Uxbridge Savings Bank and Whitinsville Savings Bank that took place in 1988. With the introduction of a revised logo in 1999, the Bank began using simply UniBank in advertising and public relations messages.

1870s - Uxbridge Savings Bank, incorporated in 1870, and Whitinsville Savings Bank, incorporated in 1873, were founded by farsighted men in the Blackstone Valley who worked independently to determine that the increase in economic viability of the towns in the Blackstone Valley and greater Central Massachusetts created new demands best met by the creation of the respective institutions. Both institutions were founded as a place for local citizens to put their hard earned money.

1980s - The merger of Uxbridge Savings Bank (branches in Uxbridge and Douglas), and Whitinsville Savings Bank (branches in Whitinsville and Blackstone), took place on January 19, 1988. The surviving charter was that of Uxbridge Savings Bank because it allowed the new company to retain the right to issue Savings Bank Life Insurance (SBLI). All four branches of Uxbridge Savings Bank and Whitinsville Savings Bank remained open.

The newly formed Board of Trustees established a set of new by-laws for the merged institution, and voted to name the new Bank UniBank for Savings, a name selected from contest submissions from Bank employees. The Main Office for the new institution was relocated to the largest building in Whitinsville, thereby positioning itself as a strong Central Massachusetts bank.

1990s - On October 24, 1994, UniBank opened a fifth branch office in Upton, taking over space occupied by Shawmut Bank.

On January 1, 1998, UFS Bancorp was established as a mutual holding company. This entity operates as a holding (parent) company for UniBank. The purpose of the mutual holding company was to allow the Bank flexibility going forward in mergers, acquisitions and offerings of various other products and services.

UniBank Fiscal Advisory Services, Inc. (UFASI) was established in July of 1999 to provide a full spectrum of debt management services to towns, school districts and other government units in Massachusetts.

2000s - Another interesting fact to mention is the purchase of the building located at 39 Church Street in Whitinsville, adjacent to UniBank’s Main Office. In October of 2000, this building was officially dedicated as the John A. Rauth building in honor of the Chairman of the Board, who retired in 2001. Today, this building is home to UniBank's subsidiary, Sterling Associates.

In 2000, UniBank partnered with Infinex Financial Group to offer a broader range of investment services.

Sterling Associates was purchased in January 2001. It is a bank service company that originates boat, recreational vehicle, aircraft and manufactured housing loans for client lenders.

In 2003, we opened our Sutton Branch in the Sutton Plaza, located on Route 146 (southbound). The branch was established in a temporary modular facility until a permanent location opened up in the Plaza. In August of 2005, the Sutton Branch relocated within the Sutton Plaza into a convenient space that had been occupied by several banks in recent years.

Our seventh branch opened in May of 2004 at the Whitinsville Shaw’s Plaza in a stand-alone building that has housed several banks over the years. It is located on Route 122, which is one of the primary roads connecting the communities of the Blackstone Valley.

In 2006, UniBank completed an expansion project at its corporate headquarters on Church Street in Whitinsville with the addition of a 46,000 square foot Operations Center. Construction began during the first quarter of 2005. UniBank’s rapid growth through the addition of retail bank branches, along with its increasing number of financial service subsidiaries, led to the need to expand its facilities. The addition allowed for expanded technology and personnel growth.

In June of 2006, UniBank opened a loan office in Milford. The office specialized in commercial lending and offered a wide array of other loan products. Opening this loan office allowed UniBank a cost-effective means to introduce the bank to customers in Milford and led to the opening of a full-service branch in March of 2009 that integrated the loan office.

UniBank opened a loan office in Worcester in 2009. The office specialized in commercial lending, commercial cash management services and other related products. Opening this loan office allowed UniBank to introduce the bank to customers in Worcester and led to the opening of a full-service branch.

2010s- In July of 2012 UniBank opened its Gold Star Boulevard branch in Worcester which integrated the loan office and now houses UniBank’s Commercial Lending team. The branch features an innovative design and service model.

Building on the momentum of the Worcester branch opening, UniBank opened its 10th branch in North Grafton in May of 2013. The branch features the same forward-looking, innovative design as the Worcester branch that opened the previous year.

Stepping foot into the MetroWest region of Massachusetts, we opened our full-service Hopkinton branch in October of 2015.

In May of 2016, our Sutton North opened as the second full-service branch location in Sutton. The additional branch, located on the northbound side of Route 146, offers added convenience to customers.

Our Board of Trustees remains dedicated to maintaining the mutual form of ownership, and has no intention of converting to a publicly held stock company.