We are excited about our direct pay, Internet-based UniPay Online product, which was introduced in late 2003. UniPay Online allows residents to pay their real estate taxes, excise taxes, water and sewer bills, and other taxes and fees directly at their community’s website over the Internet. It’s one more way for municipalities to collect payments and has proven extremely convenient for individuals who prefer to pay their bills online. We made a significant commitment to this product and expect its usage to continue to grow substantially in the years to come.

UniPay Online incorporates the automated effectiveness of technology into the time-consuming revenue collections responsibilities of government agencies. UniBank is the proven leader in bringing this option to municipalities across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Graphic “pushpins” represent the location of all of our UniPay Online relationships in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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Things to consider about the use of UniPay Online :

  • It sends a message to your residents/customers and peers that you are progressive.
  • It reduces foot traffic into your office.
  • It results in faster postings of receivables.
  • It reduces delinquencies with greater payment convenience for customers.
  • You experience a reduced number of under and over-payments.
  • You receive less telephone inquiries about amount due.
  • Office staff gains improved technical skills with the ability to create, manipulate and process data files.
  • The E-environment removes some of the more mundane tasks of staff members and allows broadened duties.
  • It offers a credit card option without the need to absorb the processing fees within your budget.
  • Credit card payments are authorized online, in real time, ensuring good funds.

UniPay Online brings these benefits to your residents/customers:

  • Convenience! They can pay their bills, anytime, anywhere: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Internet access.
  • Electronic check (ACH) and credit card transactions available.
  • It is a user-friendly process.
  • Customers can avoid concerns of theft of mail.
  • It assists in meeting deadlines: there is immediate confirmation providing assurance that a payment was on time.

There are other opportunities resulting from UniPay Online:

  • It reduces deposit-handling fees.
  • It reduces lockbox fees as customer usage increases.
  • It provides a virtual office, open twenty-four hours every day.

It saves hours of preparing and delivering deposits, keying in data, searching for records and documentation, etc.

For more information about UniPay Online, please contact a member of UniBank's Government Banking team listed below at 1-800-678-1635:

  • Justine DeNorscia, Senior Vice President
    Government Banking Department Head
  • Cindy Gleason, UniPay Sales Manager
  • Debbie Mateer, UniPay Supervisor
  • Jessica Latour , UniPay Support