Military Banking FAQ


What proof is necessary to qualify for UniBank’s Military Banking Program?
To qualify for UniBank’s Military Home Equity Line of Credit and/or UniBank’s Military Deposit benefits, proof of service is required: Active service members must provide a military ID. Veterans must provide form DD214. To qualify for UniBank’s Veterans Business Line of Credit proof of service is required: Active service members and spouses must provide a military ID. Veterans and spouses must provide form DD214.

My spouse is an active service member/veteran, do I qualify for UniBank’s Military Banking Program?
The spouse of active service members and veterans qualify for the UniBank’s SBA Veteran’s Business Line of Credit only.

What is SCRA?
The Servicemember's Civil Relief Act (SCRA) provides protections for individuals who are entering the service, called to active duty in the military or deployed servicemembers. The SCRA is intended to postpone or suspend certain civil obligations—many of them financial—so service members can devote their full attention to their duties while their family members experience less stress.

For example, the SCRA places a limit on the amount of interest that may be accrued on credit obligations incurred prior to military service or activation: 6 percent per year during the time of military service. Any amount over and above that 6 percent is permanently forgiven. The SCRA also defines servicemember benefits with regard to issues such as trials, taxes, leases, mortgages and more. For additional information on the SCRA, visit

How do I cap my interest rate at 6% under SCRA?
There are 3 conditions you need to fulfill in order to benefit from the 6 percent interest rate cap provided by the SCRA. You need to have taken out the loan before you began active duty (a loan taken out while on active duty is not eligible for SCRA benefits), you must make a request for benefits within 180 days after the end of your active duty and you must request the benefits by supplying a copy of your active duty orders or other qualifying documentation. Alternatively, you may provide either a completed copy of the Military Short Form (available from your local JAG or Housing office) or a letter on official letterhead from your commanding officer. This letter must contain your full name, Social Security number, date of birth, home address and active duty start date, as well as your commanding officer's telephone number and a statement acknowledging that your creditors may rely on it.