Guardian Alert Protection

The UniBank VISA® Debit Card is a convenient way to access money in your checking account with the flexibility of the VISA® symbol.  Unfortunately, the news headlines are filled with card breach and fraud stories these days.

UniBank takes your account security very seriously, thus we are pleased to announce a new fraud text message alert service – Guardian!    UniBank is making the “Guardian” service available to clients.

When you use your debit card and certain conditions occur, Guardian will send you a text message.  If the transaction is yours, you can ignore the text message.  If the transaction was not yours and you think it is fraudulent, respond to the text message to shut down your card.  It is that simple!

To participate in the program you need to register your UniBank debit card on our Guardian website:  

Just enter your card number, last 4 digits of your SSN and zip code - you may register up to 6 cell-phones per card on this website.

NOTE: there is a screen instructing you to SEND a text message to verify your cell phone.

On the Preferences tab, you can also set “do not disturb” timeframe to prevent messages during certain hours of the day, like when you are sleeping!

After you register for the service, you will receive text message alerts IF:

  • A transaction occurs outside the United States
  • A transaction is greater than $200
  • There are 5 or more transactions within 24 hours
  • A transaction is “Card not present” (a charge without you swiping your card, example, online purchase)
  • A transaction is “declined”

The alerts will help confirm the transactions are yours – if they are yours, you do not need to do anything!   If they are NOT yours, respond to the text message within 12 hours to stop further fraudulent transactions - your card will be suspended, so contact the UniBank Call Center for next steps.

There are no charges for the service, but normal message and data rates may apply based on your mobile plan.

You may discontinue text alerts immediately by replying STOP to a Guardian alert. You may unsubscribe from this service entirely on the website or by texting the word STOP to 27576.

Please call the UniBank Contact Center at 800-578-4270 if you have any questions.